Installing Ubuntu 22.04 on VirtualBox

  • Download and install VirtualBox –
  • Download Ubuntu 22.04 ISO –
  • Create a new virtual machine. Choose the name, VM install location, type Linux, version Ubuntu 22.04 64-bit, and click next
  • Add the amount of memory you want to allocate for the VM to use and click next
  • Create a virtual hard disk
  • Choose hard disk file type VDI and click next
  • Choose fixed size storage and click next
  • Choose the file location and size of the virtual hard disk then click create
  • Now that the VM has been created you need to mount the Ubuntu 22.04 ISO by clicking Optical Drive under storage
  • Choose/Create a disk image
  • Add the Ubuntu 22.04 ISO and click choose
  • You can now start the VM and begin the OS install process
  • From the boot menu choose Try or Install Ubuntu
  • On the welcome screen choose your language and click install Ubuntu
  • Choose your keyboard layout and click continue
  • Choose Normal Installation or Minimal based on your needs and also Download updates while installing Ubuntu
  • Choose your time zone and click Continue
  • Set up your account information by filling out name, username, and password
  • Choose Erase disk and install Ubuntu and click Install Now
  • Click Continue to write the changes to disk
  • At this point the OS install process should begin
  • Upon completion of the OS install you will need to reboot
  • Congratulations you have now installed Ubuntu 22.04 on VirtualBox! After reboot you should be able to log in with the credentials you set up in the above account creation.

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